How To Turn Your Website Into a Marketing Machine

So, you are ready to promote yourself into the online world. You are ready with your logo, website and have set up all your social media accounts.

Now you notice after a while, no one is getting in touch with you, people are not coming into your website as expected.

You wanted your website to make you money, you wanted to have a significant growth in your audience as soon as you launched, you definitely wanted people to get to know you more and increase your brand awareness.

You might wonder what is the problem is...

Well, there might be a few things you are doing that is not giving you the return on your investment, especially with your website.

There are a lot of factors that affect your marketing efforts, they are SEO, conversions, traffic and other online marketing strategies. If you are new to the online business world, I assure you, you are at the right place.

Just make sure you follow these 3 important strategies and you are on your way to unicorn land.

  1. Lead generation
  2. Opt-ins
  3. Customer Experience

Let me take you through the basics of lead generation.

Your audience

It is really important that you think of your audience first. You’ve got to have a clear cut picture of who your audience is.

For example; My audience is Amy, a 27-year-old woman, who is aspiring to start a dream business. She is ready to invest as little as possible to start off and is clueless on how to start and where to start from. She might be married but does not have kids. She is extremely generous and is kind hearted. She loves to travel and make new friends.

So, when I write anything, like social media or blog post or email content, I keep Amy in my mind.

I write share travel pictures, I talk about how to start your business, I talk about the fear that comes before you start your online business and how to tackle it (If you are on my mailing list, you know what I am talking ;) ).

In this process, I might be talking to a lot of Amy’s.

So I urge you to create your own audience profile and build your own personas. This is also called as target marketing and this helps you in you inbound marketing as well.

Action Tip: Take a piece of paper or just go on to Evernote and write these about your Amy

  • Her demographics
  • Her Behaviour patterns
  • Her motivations that lead to her buying from you
  • Her driving force
  • Her age
  • Her situations

Now make sure your website content is catered to your persona only and add your personality to your website and just talk to your persona (in my case, Amy).

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that uses many types of marketing to pull your visitor into your business and makes them get brand awareness and in turn convert them to potential leads. There are many types of inbound marketing like SEO, social media, blogs, call to actions, your forms, and A/B testings as well.

Media and content quality

It gets really boring if you just have text on your website without any images or any sort of media. Make sure you have graphic elements, images, videos, links and other types of content that appeal to your target audience. According to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch the video than reading the text. Similarly, according to Marketbridge, 76% of B2B buyers prefer to receive content unique to their buying stage.


Make sure you have every page optimized to the fullest by an expert or you can do it yourself.

Make sure you check your keywords usage, look for indexing issues, Analyse your website's code, Test crawlings on your website, Assess off page ranking methods and more.


Keeping a track of what is working and what is not working is a huge time saver when it comes to online business.

It is important that you know what your audience is doing as soon as they enter your website.

There are many software and tools in the market that will help you with this depending on the CMS you are using!

If a visitor comes on your website and signs up, you can see everything they’ve done on your website, like what pages did they visit before they became a lead and how they got to know you and your website in the first place.

It is extremely important that you take note of everything on you doing on your website and once a month do a small website audit.

Focus on the below points

  • how your visitors are behaving when they step into your website
  • what is making them click away
  • How are they finding your website in the first place
  • How is the design of your website affecting their behavior
  • How is the copy on your website impacting your audience
  • Are they clicking any particular call to actions
  • Is your SEO affecting the behavior?
  • What are the road blocks that is keeping your visitors from giving their email IDs

Opt-in forms on your website are the second strategy that you should implement right away.

Opt-in forms are really effective when they have the right call to action and are placed on your website strategically in places that the eye goes after reading your content.

One of the biggest converting opt-in for me is my go-to tools to market, sell and promote my business like a boss ebook. It has more than 90% conversion rate and is the list never stops growing.

I am sure, Amy would love to know how I make it as a business owner.

So be sure you place your opt-ins on the top bar of your website and also have them in between blog posts and on the sidebar

Third and last is the whole customer experience you provide to your visitors.

Responsiveness (mobile friendly)

This is not an optional step. It is a must-have for every website in today’s day and age.

Most of your audience might be on Pinterest on their phone or just browsing through articles on their phone and if you are not able to view your website on their phone. They will never see the awesome things you are putting up every week.

Website navigation and usability

I love to stick to the KISS (Keep It Super Simple) technique for everything.

I love simple and clean fonts and design and I urge you to do the same. Make sure your designs are relatable and your fonts are easy to read.

Also, be sure to not load your website with heavy graphics and images, since it will take a longer time to load and might drive your audience away from your website.

Testimonies and proofs

This is my favorite, This increases the trust factor in your viewers and lets’ they know that you are an actual human sitting behind their screen. Haha!

Testimonies also say that you are good at what you doing and will let them know that you are good with people.

This falls under the word of mouth marketing strategy which is known to be the best marketing strategy ever! So go ahead and out up testimonies, customer reviews, case studies on your website and you are for sure going to increase the trust factor in your viewers and they are most likely to approach you. What are the new strategies you learned today? Are you making any of these mistakes?

How will you make your website into a marketing machine?