24 Things to do after you hit the Publish Button


Phew! You just finished a whole blog post with rich content and helpful tips and tricks. Just when you think that your job is done, there is a whole new task waiting for you! and only you can do it. Want to get it to your potential clients or just want the world to read your post? Well, you got to out it front of them. I show you 24 things to do so that you get the world to read your post.



Emails are something that we view more than 3 times in a day. Email Marketing is the most effective way of marketing, cause your subscribers have given you their email address in order to hear from you. According to DMA, email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 3800% ROI and $38 for every $1 spent.


Newsletters on an average should be sent once every week. You need to always be in sight of your target audience At the same time, you need to build trust and deliver highly engaging content. Some of my best clients have come across to me through email marketing. You can promote you latest blog posts, give your subscribers special offers, have behind the scenes posts and many more.

Follow up email

When it comes to creating a good relationship with your subscribers, nothing beats follow up emails. First send them an welcome email, then ask them what they are struggling with and genuinely help them and slowly send them your expert tips. This is an amazing way to build trust with your subscribers and show them that you are an expert in your field.

Email Signature

What I always do is have all my information in the email signature and also have a link to the latest post that I wrote for the week in it. That way, when I am constantly communicating with a client, the latest post link keeps changing and they get to go read it as well.

Social Media

Social media is a huge platform for you to get in front of your audience, interact with them, get to know them and a lot more. But remember, every social media platform is unique in its own way and each platform will cater in a different way to its audience. If you are a food blogger, You have got to be on Instagram and Pinterest, since they are highly visual social media platforms. Let’s dig deep into what each platform has to offer and learn more about them.


Worldwide, there are over 1.49 billion monthly active Facebook users (MAUs) which is a 13 percent increase year over year. Did you also know that Facebook allows you to puts your content in front of your audience with Facebook ads. I mostly use Facebook groups only and communicate with others in my niche.


It is always important to share tweets of your latest or past blog posts. What I don’t like about twitter is that when you tweet there is a less possibility that all your followers would see your post, unlike Instagram. Twitter is a fast paced social media platform and in order for your followers to see your tweets atleast once a day you need to post your links a minimum of 6 times a day.


Pinterest is my favorite social media platform, you will catch me more than once browsing through the app and just pinning pins. Like me, everybody loves it for its visual nature and pinterest has been my top referral when it comes to sending people to my website. It is one of those platforms that has immensely grown in the past one year and is continuing to grow in a rapid way. I pin close to 200 pins a day and my secret weapon is boardbooster. Go check it out cause they have a one month free trail and this can boost your traffic like no other social media platform.


There are two things that I do that have always worked out. Firstly, I post my latest blog posts and work on my feed for others to see and secondly, answer questions on groups and share my knowledge with others by commenting on the posts and interact with members. This way you will build a professional relationship with others in your niche and there is a high possibility that you might get more clients.


Instagram is really effective when you use your hashtags in the right way and most importantly post at the right time. I use iconosquare an app that tells me when my audience are the most engaging which tells us the right time to post. Instagram is that one place where your followers are bound to see all your posts and never have a chance to miss them until twitter.


Having posts on goggle helps you gain a ton of SEO for your website and this in turn helps you build relationship with others in your niche since you come across people with with similar interests to you. With google+ there is a high possibility that your blog post can go viral with the power of +1s.

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Bookmarking Sites

Initially I never understood what bookmarking websites would do, but once I understood what they are and how powerful they can be. I instantly started posting my content on it and it skyrocketed my website traffic and got my content in front of people who were interested in the content I wrote.


This is one place I never fail to post my content after I hit the publish button. Stumbleupon is a discovery search engine, it allows its users to stumble through related content. Topics that they are interested in. All you do is after you hit publish, you will need to add the latest blog post to your Stumbleupon account and categorize it and now just sit back and watch this platform use its magic and get your content in front of people who are genuinely interested in your topic. Try adding other blogger content as well and share your knowledge with the world.


Did you know reddit is that one website that has been a mystery for every internet marketer out there. It has an average of 174 million unique monthly visitors. After you submit your content be sure to get involved in the community and vote on other’s content. Just to be friendly on Reddit make sure that you submit others content as well.


Digg is like paparazzi with a big zoom lens, it caters to a wide range of audience and they get to ‘digg’, save and share content with their audience.


Scopp.it is also a bookmarking website that allows others to share your content with their audience, all you have to do is scoop and share ;) I have a lot of traffic come from scoop and it is worth to add in your content to it as well.


I have a fair amount of traffic come from this bookmarking site as well. It is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is bookmark, add it to a category and promote.

Blogger communities


Triberr is an amazing community I meet many bloggers in here and loved interacting with them. You can ask for feedback or if you need any help with the technicalities of blogging, feel free to post and someone will be ready to answer your question. Getting stared on Triberr is easy and fast. It does not take long to build yourself around an amazing community of bloggers.

Viral Content Buzz

Just like Triberr, VCB is a community where bloggers interact with each other and the way it works is on points system. First you should share other bloggers content and then you will earn some points to share your own content.

Social Buzz Club

I never used social buzz club, I know it is the same as Triberr. The only downside to this community is it is not free, which means you will have to pay to get into the community of thriving bloggers.

Guest posting

I think guest posting is the best thing that a person a can do to promote themselves. All you have to do is, write a post and publish it on big websites and you will have ample traffic coming to your website within no time. My tip is to do a little research before you build a connection with the blogger or brand. Just make sure you know how much traffic they get every month or day.

Comment on other blogs

Commenting is a awesome way to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche. This will lead to an amazing friendship and more ever they can even share one or two blog posts of yours. When you comment on posts, make sure you add value to the already existing content. Remember the whole world is reading your comment, make it count. They might click over your name and visit your website.

Ping your blog to search engines

Pinging is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get more traffic to your blog. So what pinging does is, it will tells the search engines that you made a change to your website and they can crawl over it again. The best pinging platform is GooglePing

Submission websites

Aggregator websites gives your website a chance to be up voted and down voted. So the post that gets most number of votes get more views and exposure. Here are a few aggregator sites in the blogging niche.

  • Inbound
  • Kingged
  • Growth Hackers
  • BizSugar
  • Digg
  • DoSplash

Outreach To Those Bloggers You Linked To

Whenever you post an other bloggers content or link on your website. Notify them, and encourage them to share your post on social media. They would love to do it since you have shared their content on your website. It seriously is a win win situation.

Link round ups

Link round up posts are posts that have a list of links from a certain topic. So build nice relationship with other bloggers and feature them in your link round ups and ask them to the same.

Q & A websites

If your blog post solves a problem or has an answer to a solution? Then post the blog post link on Quora, yahoo answers or particular niche forums and communities.

Let us know what you do after you hit the publish button and publicize on the post in the comments below.