Social media for food, beauty and fashion bloggers and business owners


60% of my client list consist of food, fashion and beauty bloggers and business owners. I see most of them struggle with social media and marketing. So, in this post I want to address to all the food, fashion and beauty bloggers out there on how you can do social media the right way and get traffic to your website and attract brands. Wondering why I clubbed these three together?

Well, I think these three have a visual element to them and all of them.

1. Choose only two social media platforms.

For a starter, I advise you not to get on to all social media platforms at a time. It is important that you choose one or two platforms and slay it there. I suggest you take on social media platforms that are visually appealing to your audience.

The only two platforms I can think off are Pinterest and Instagram.

I think these two platforms are awesome for your imagines and get you more following. Be consistent in your posting and interact with your audience.

Instagram Tips:

  1. Tag all the brands you are wearing.
  2. Interact with brands and other bloggers/business owners.
  3. Have collaborations.
  4. Do an Insta takeover.
  5. Post behind the scenes pictures

Pinterest Tips:

  1. Join group boards which are associated with your niche.
  2. Pin your posts to as many relevant group boards as possible.
  3. Do collaborations with other business owners and bloggers.
  4. Brand your boards (Head over to my profile and you will know what I am talking about).
  5. I let board booster do all of my dirty work. LOL, just kidding. But I automate my pins and they do the job for me.

Remember: You don’t have to be on every social media platform. Just be on the right ones.

2. Get involved in the community and make connections.

This is seriously important if you want to grow in your industry. You got to get yourself out there and talk to people and ask them questions. I think collaborations play a huge role in making connections and getting involved in your community. Your audience should feel like they are your best friends and a part of a community. Get to know your audience and inspire them to share your posts, stories and experiences with their friends and followers.

When you do that, you are getting yourself in front of other people’s audience and building a following for yourself. Involve your readers by hosting giveaways, contests and other means. This will help you build amazing relationships with your potential clients or viewers.

Always remember to have quality over quantity.

How to grow our blog/website as a food, fashion and beauty blogger

Create an incredible reputation

If you want to stand out, social media is the best platform to do that. It is a huge platform to stage yourself. You can make a killer impression on social media and get a ton of brand support with it.

Attract potential brands

As I talked earlier, you will attract potential brands to partner with you. They will look at you like an ambassador for their brand. This is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a profesh. You can get very creative when it comes to attracting your potential brands.

Connect with like-minded people

I believe all businesses on planet earth are based on relationships. You need to make an effort to know your competitors and other business buddies.  This is how big collaborations occur. When you are building relationships with other bloggers and business owners, you will have a support system that you can always fall back to.

Drive traffic to your website

When your viewers/followers see a new blog post on your social media that interests them, they will eventually go to your website and read further about it.  Your website is your face in the online world and it is the backbone of your business. Research states that “Blogging establishes you as an industry leader, builds credibility to your work, generating the right kind of needs which in turn gets you the right clients ”.

Socializing with your audience

Interacting with your audience is the most authentic way to build a following and relationships. Your audience determine the direction of your business. You can interact with them, support them and do many more creative things to keep them coming.

Hashtag your posts

This is one of the best ways to get yourself out there and get noticed by a whole lot of people. People search hashtags to find like-minded people just like them, just like you do to find people with your interests. I recommend that you use all the relevant hashtags as a comment at the bottom of your post. On Facebook and twitter, don’t use more than 3 hashtags, otherwise you will look spammy. Just find two or three hashtags and use them consistently.

Make videos

Did you know more than 4 billion videos are being viewed on Facebook every single day. It makes complete sense that you incorporate videos into your brand. There are different types of videos you can make for your social media posts like introduction video, tips and advice videos, Review videos, how to videos and many more. Use social media for affiliate program promotions

When you click a picture or make a video about a certain product you are promoting, you can use social media to show that particular product and then let your followers go to your website and purchase that product. You can also tag that particular brand in your posts and interact with the brand directly from your social media accounts.

Do not forget to promote yourself shamelessly!

Have a strategy for your promotions. Below are a few tips

  • Share across ALL social media platforms

  • Brand your work! Get branded. (partner and co-brand)
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships and collaborate! 
  • Boost your posts with SEO 
  • Join blogger and outreach websites/groups

Next Steps [Social Media branding made easy + advice]

  1. Make a few templates: By doing so, you will save so much time and effort. You can just use canvas for this and save a few online so that you can access them anywhere.
  2. Always point everyone to your website from your social media posts: Have a call to action or link to your website from your posts.
  3. Have similar icons that follow throughout your designs. 
  4. When it comes to images and pictures, always limit yourself to using 2-3 filters for all your images.   

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