SEO Mistakes That are Putting Your Brand to Shame

SEO is a new term for many new bloggers and business owners.

I find most of my clients do these common mistakes that are putting them away from the search engine crawlers that crawl on their website.

I urge you to read at least the bullet points and take action in removing these if you are making these mistakes on your website.

Read on...

Keyword stuffing

I can’t think of anything worse than a website copy that is poorly written.

Website content that is repeated and stuffed with keywords is awful and embarrassing.

I am sure you hate to see poorly written content as well.

Keyword stuffing is a shady tactic that is used by website developer and SEO enthusiasts by stuffing a web page full of keywords and phrases in an attempt to play with the SEP ranking and results.

By doing this, you will definitely attract google for sure, but in no time, you will be kicked out of it as well.

Allow google to crawl on your website

This is known as one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they create their website. In a video, Matt Cutts, Head of Search Spam at Google explains what happens when you make your content difficult for search crawlers to find your website and will not rank on the google search.

By configuring Bing webmaster tools and google to your site, accessibility to these are constantly monitored.

Links that go nowhere a.k.a. broken links

Doing regular housekeeping on your website avoids broken links.

But wait!

You might ask, what is a broken link, Arpi?

Broken links are links that no longer take you to that particular destination.

It is common that broken links get accumulated over time. They create a nuisance to your site visitors and Google does not like it at all and then they penalize you for that!

Copied content

In the online world, this is known as plagiarism.

Google loves original content that is unique and stands out.

In the past, when I worked for a corporate firm doing brand and website auditing, I’ve noticed a lot of the startups and small corporate companies, rip off original content from big brands.

Writing original copy can seem like a daunting task, I know the feeling! I also know how well your content will do on google search engines if it is compelling and unique.

It is not only illegal to copy other’s content but Google pushes your website as far as possible away from the searches and in severe cases, it de-indexes your website!

The same applies to duplicating your own copy. Fortunately, duplication issues are solved easily and not time-consuming at all.

All in all, I advise you to have the original copy for all the aspects of your website.

Meta keywords

A few years ago, meta keywords were taken into consideration by search engine algorithms. But now, They have a minor impact on the SEO.

Meta Keywords are found in the header of any website:

I suggest you to avoid doing this because your digital rivals can take your keywords and input them in their AdWords (pay-per-click) campaign and steal all your visitors.

Analytics study

I see a lot of business owners and bloggers avoid this part of their business.

How can you grow your business if you do not measure your data?

Surely, you would want to know if your efforts are paying off or if something that you put up is being clicked or if someone is actually taking an action.

If it is not performing, your analytics will tell you and you can see how you can improve it and make it better. Right?

You have got to set your conversion goals and have a look at your analytics and data on a weekly basis. You should also monitor what phrases are doing well and converting and phrases that are driving away traffic.

Make sure you set up google Analytics for your website and also Google webmaster tools and your check if you are able to see the data in detail.

These are the awful mistakes that many business owners and bloggers make when they start off. Some of them do it knowingly and some unknowingly.

Stay away from these embarrassing mistakes!

Tell me, Are you making any of these mistakes?