Importance of professional photography for your small business

Having great photos for your website is a must in this day and age. They instantly give a good first impression and make you look like a professional who is serious about what you do.

Professional photos establish your brand identity

It is an essential part of your brand communication, be it through social media or through your website or blog. It shows if your brand is casual, friendly, conservative, corporate, polished or sleek.

Professional photos grab the attention of your customer

Good quality photos are mostly to engage with your audience than just plain text. This is a very good opportunity to engage the first time visitor and grab their attention as well.

Best time invest in professional photos

You are ready for professional photos if you fall under any of the below points

- When you get serious about your blog/website to grow fast - When you are ready to stand out as an expert in your industry - When you are ready to communicate your passion and vision - When you are ready to showcase how different you are from the rest. - When you are ready to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Where can you use professional photos

Now that we know that professional photographs are really important for your business and brand. We will see how we can use them in your everyday business journey.

You can use them on: - Website - Newsletters -Presentations - Blogs - Press kits - Media kits - Sales Pages - Digital products - Social media and much more.

The opportunities to share your brand and business through professional photos are really endless.

Where can I find professional photos for my brand

Subscription based services

Dollar Photo Club ($10/month for 10 images). Unfortunately, this site has closed down and all their customers were migrated to Adobe Stock.

Turquoise and Palm ($19/month to access the entire library): I love these photos and I think it will be really nice for lifestyle bloggers who are too busy to click and edit their photos. I love how she uses different elements in her photography

Styled stock society ($16/month): I love how she uses feminine elements in here photography and the simplicity in her pictures. The only downside for some can be, she uses a lot of pink and makes it really girly. Also, you will have to give a minimum commitment of 3 months to the subscription program.

Haute chocolate ($24/month to access the entire library) I love their pictures and they have many collections. New photos are added regularly to the library. I used their photo for a few days and canceled since maintaining the subscription was expensive and does not fit my budget.

A good first impression is essential for any business or brand. How many times have we adored a good looking photo on Instagram and just scrolled by a meh looking picture, right?

I seriously encourage you to use high-quality photos for your business be it on your blog posts, website or social media. There are tons of websites with free photos, just pick one that suits your brand and personality and use them.

Comment below and let us know I missed out any professional photography websites and subscriptions.