the importance of mentoring to the success of a new businesses

If you are starting a new business or just stuck at a point in your business. Having someone (who has gone through the same situation as you) to talk to is extremely useful when it comes to making decisions or just making a big move in your business. I have had the privilege to have a handful of mentors in my business who have guided me through some major decisions and were like my bouncing board. It is obvious that having a mentor has enormous benefits in just about any business. I seriously encourage every new business owner to have a mentor who they can talk to, who can help them make the right decisions and who can guide them through the right marketing strategy.

What is a business mentor?

A mentor is an experienced person, not necessarily in the same field as you are in, who guides you through the hurdles of entrepreneurship through their own knowledge, experience, and resources. They provide constructive criticism in helping you make informed decisions for your business, ask you tough questions that challenge you to think big, help you think “out of the box”. These are very important as they will save you time, money and resources somewhere down the road.

Let me draw a mental picture for you; Imagine yourself as the person who is fighting a battle on the ground and you have a wireless radio to a person high above in a helicopter. Well, that person high above in the helicopter is your mentor.

How does it matter to have a mentor

Business Thinking

As much as you like to think you can, you really can’t think of everything that has to go into your business. A mentor has the ability to take you a step back and review the situation for you. Give you constructive criticism and just pitches in their thoughts and ideas and asks you the right questions to help ou make a better decision for your business. One of the best reasons for me to have a mentor was that that person was not emotionally involved as I was. So they were very practical and they were more objective. It is always said “two heads are better than one” I totally agree with that. I have had mentors who have caused me to think “I wish I would have thought of that!”.


Your mentor has been in your shoes years ago when they started their own business and has excellent and apt advice on how to deal with certain situations. I had a client who was a new business owner who called me up and said, “ I don’t think any one wants to buy from me. I feel so disappointed in myself” This was her perception. Then, I was able to share my experience with her and told her, When I started my business, I lacked confidence and that I would fear to talk to clients and how I did not market it the right way and How I changed my marketing strategy and copy so that I could attract more clients without even saying a word. I know that feeling because I experienced it. The reason why she was not making sales is because she has never blogged or established herself as an expert in her niche. So that’s one big advantage that a mentor can provide. There is, as they say, no replacement for experience at all.

Partner in crime

As a teenager, I loved basketball. We had a basketball court in our neighborhood. I use to be the only girl playing there and it was not fun. In fact, It was boring; to say the least. You don't have anyone to pass the ball to or to push you to the next level. Having a mentor is like having your partner in your basketball practice. You can bounce off ideas, analyze what works and much more.

Time savior

The best way to save time in your long business journey is for you to have a mentor. There are business owners all around you who have done what you are doing and learned what you are learning and have experienced what you are now experiencing. As the popular saying goes “”If you want to be successful, find someone who has already done it and does it the same way”.

As you strive in executing your business goals, the value of having a second opinion reduces a high possibility of you wasting time and making uninformed decisions can be detrimental to your new business.

The sooner you get a mentor, the sooner you can learn from their experience and immense knowledge to help you make it to the next level. Always listen, ask questions, put it to practice what you’ve learned and watch yourself grow!

What are you going to be doing today to find a mentor? Or if you have a mentor, let us know any success you’ve encountered from having that relationship with your mentor who has advised you and your business.

Opportunity to be mentored

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