#JustExperts: How do you delight your clients?


I had such a burden to help come up with something like this to help you in your business. I was thinking of giving this the hashtag #JustExperts. I feel you will get benefitted with such kind of posts and can implement some of these advices and suggestions on your blog. So it began by me writing to some experts and asking them this question, "How do you surprise + delight your customers and clients? " and below are their responses, so without any further ado, let's jump right into it.

Halley Gray | Evolve and Succeed

"Get specific with my advice. Be generous. Connect them with others."

Jess Lively | JessLively

"I try to delight my customers by helping them find the answers they are seeking which are waiting to be accessed by their intuition."

Shannon Kaeding | Shannoncate.Jamberry

"I do birthday packs that include a handmade card and a couple of sample products. They love it!"

Caroline | Made Vibrant

"It may seem overly simple, but I delight my customers simply by demonstrating in every way I can that I care. I learn about their businesses, I write long-winded email replies, I spend time answering their questions in Slack and it's all because I get true joy in seeing them succeed. When people can be reminded that they're viewed as a connection and not a transaction, it makes all the difference. "

Farideh | Farideh

"I delight my customers by providing outside of the box solutions and keeping a sense of humour during stressful times. Many of my clients have been told they "have" to launch a certain way, I don't believe that.  Launching is stressful, I try to remind them that a few meltdowns is completely normal."

Dina Mistry | The Playful Indian

"I send a printed note but with handwritten little notes too. Also sometimes freebies like sample cards, postcards, small prints. "

Jessica Koltun | Ahjummacated

"I love doing a little-handwritten note and wrapping their purchase with tissue paper. That way, when they open up their package, it feels like a gift! The goal is to make them enjoy the whole experience of what the brand stands for, in addition to the product they buy."

Kayleigh Brickey | BaskDesigns

"I love adding a little surprise gift when they order. Sometimes I love to send them a surprise kimono they didn't order! I have the BEST customers! "

Betsy | Betsygettis

"For my photography business, I love surprising my customers with my finished product. Packaging a customer's shoot in a box with some fill crinkle paper, their USB of images, my business card, and a handwritten note, and going all out with hand lettering when writing their address on the box if I'm shipping it, or tying it up with string if I'm hand-delivering, always shows my client that I care about presentation and usually wows them a little! I definitely have room to grow in that though!"

Amy Jones | Map your Progress

"I just sent one of my best customers product for taking time to tell me about her experience. She knows about that. She doesn't know about the extra product I tucked in there that she casually mentioned wanting too. I look for those kinds of opportunities to surprise and delight them."

Kayla Hollatz | KaylaHollatz

"I delight my community by making them feel more like a name than a number. Relationship building will always trump vanity metrics in my eyes." 

Kory Woodard | KoryWoodard

"Aside from really paying attention to what they're saying about their blog or their business, I like to delight my customers by following up with a quick Thank You note. It's usually surprise mail, and everyone seems to like that I put in a little extra effort to connect and let them know I'm available if they need help!"

Andrea | The Branded Solopreneur

"I delight my customers by listening to them, keeping them involved in the project every step of the way, and delivering on my promises. I treat my clients like the treasures they are and I take their investment in my services very seriously, so at the end of the day I'm all about over delivering and making sure they are nothing less than over the moon when we wrap the project."

Bonnie Bakhtiari | BisforBonnieDesign

"I delight my customers by not only meeting their needs with a specific service or experience, but creating an encounter that exceeds their expectations in all the best ways. I most specifically aim to offer this type of experience by infusing a truly relational approach to my work, as well as incorporating small, thoughtful touches that elevate my client's entire encounter with my brand."

Louise Clark | ProjectThankU

I am always looking for ways to keep my customers happy and engaged. Whether it be by creating new video tutorials showing them different techniques they can use to create stunning designs for their businesses or creating eye catching new templates. I post design inspiration and ideas plus different design elements and fonts for them to use. My business is about encouraging people to get creative and learn new design skills so I'm always trying to pour as much creativity into the project as possible.

Your turn: Tell us how do you surprise + delight your customers and clients?