FIX-IT Week - Free Web+Blog Advice

I wanted to start off this new feature on my website and give each of you a personalised web or branding design tip so that you can improve your website and make it look clean.

This idea birthed after I stumbled across a website which had some amazing blog posts, but the website looked very disorganised and the images were oversized and not aligned in the right way. This is seriously one of the biggest pet peeves ever!!! (If any of you are guilty of this, open a new tab RIGHT NOW and go to your website/blog, fix it and come back and read this!) 

Soooo, to make the online world a beautiful and user-friendly place. I bring to you “FIX-IT WEEK”.

Here is how it works:

Between 24th July to 31st July post your website/blog link in the comments section and I will reply with one tip that will drastically improve your website. I will do my best to give different suggestions so you can read more tips and use it for your website/blog.

I am also happy to answer short questions like “Can you suggest me a font that would go well with my theme” or “If what quality of posts do you need in order to improve your brand as a whole”. But questions like “How can I add a custom pin it button” or "how can I change the color or my sidebar” that take time and need a long explanation will be converted into a blog post and there I will give a detailed explanation on how you can do it. 

(If you guys like this feature, let me know and I will make it a monthly thing.)

PS: I am off to work now, will come back at noon and check your comments!

Ready, Set, GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Oh wait! Don't forget to share this goodness with your blogger friends :)