Everything you need to know about minimal website design

Minimalist websites are on a high rise these past few months. I am here to give you a load down and give you a few pointers. In this blog post, I will talk about

  1. Things to keep in mind for your minimalist website

  2. A few Wordpress and squarespace themes for your minimalist website.

  3. Minimalist website design inspiration.

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Keep in mind when you design your minimalist website

  1. Typography is the most important asset to your website design. Use trendy typefaces for trendy elements like your logo or hero slider.

  2. Do not pick a typeface just because it is trendy, it needs to match the mood of the project.

  3. The navigation menu at the top of your website is very important and is one of the important factors in setting the mood of your website design. You can use a icon as a clickable navigation menu.

  4. You can make use of flat design and it compliments minimal website design perfectly.

  5. Also, when you use background images, ensure that they are minimal pictures with white space. A picture with a hot happening can deviate you from the actual purpose.

  6. Blank space is your best option. When in doubt, use blank space with a caption, it can help you spread out your content and give your web design some breathing space.

  7. Speaking on black space. Take note of negative space. Add in a lot of white space in your design, the trend with minimalism is going this way.

  8. Finally, you’ve got to make sure your design has VISUAL HARMONY throughout the website page. It is really important that your design and content flows clearly and you direct your reader and tell them what to do next.


Here is some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing

So, did you find this useful? What are your thoughts on a minimal website design? Do you have any other tips you want to share with all of us?