My Branding Process: Sarah Shoop


Doing a brand new look for a brand always excites me. I feel privileged to work with some amazing women entrepreneurs every day and involve myself in the process of discovering their brand and unveiling their journey. Most of the time, I just show the design process on my insta stories and always get an overwhelming response. If you see my design portfolio, you only see the final design and never see what goes behind the scenes and how the final logo evolved from an idea.

This time I documented as much as I can so that I can show you how I do it and what works for me. My client workflow process that I shared in my last blog post always makes everything simple and easy to work around.

Today I will share a brand that I've recently worked on and it is for Sarah Shoop, a Life Coach, and an amazing entrepreneur. Sarah asked if I can do branding for her business and I jumped right in!

When it comes to branding, I present 6 logo design concepts to my client and the client chooses one logo and we move forward with that.

The 6 logo designs are based on our discussion and the branding questionnaire that is submitted by the client prior to the proposal and agreement.

1 | 6 Logo Options

Here I show you a design scape of how I came up with the logos and how I design them.

2 | Logo revisions, alternate logo, and sub mark

Then after the client chooses one logo from the six. I move forward with doing the alternate logo and sub mark.

3 | Brand Guide

Then I work on the branding guide and send it for approval. So that the client and I are on the same page and this is a way for the client to sign off on the brand look so that I can move forward with designing the marketing collaterals.

4 | Marketing Material

My branding services includes social media icons, business card design, Facebook + Twitter cover images, 2-page media kit and 2 blog post covers.


Overall working with Sarah was a breeze! We dove in with a clear picture in mind and I applaud Sarah for making my job easy by answering all my questions and replying to my emails in a timely manner.

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