Behind the Blogger: August 2015

Hi there! I was asked to continue my weekly reports on my website by almost everyone. When I asked them for the reason on why they wanted me to continue. The answer was simple. Let me quote them.

They said my weekly updates were…

“Motivating and real” “Encouraged me to hang in there” “Inspired me in more than one way” “Learnt a ton of stuff and made changes accordingly on my website” “Makes me aware of all the things that might go wrong so that I don’t repeat them” “Love it!!! bring them back”

Reading all these notes and replies, teared me up. Like seriously!!!

Since I am not having time to do such a post every week, I am making it a monthly thing! I will tell you everything about my blog and design business. Tell you about my Traffic Report, Social Media report, Income report, Key business learnings for the month, Last month Goals, My Goals in September, How many hours I worked in a week and a lot more.

Let's just jump into this.


Total Visitors: 896 (Last month: 1,097) Total Sessions: 1,093 (Last month: 1,239) Total Page Views: 2,098 (Last month: 2,229) Bounce Rate: 61.21% (Last month: 67.23 %) Most Popular Post:


Facebook Fans: 103 Fans Twitter Followers: 197 Followers Instagram Followers: 1,904 Followers Pinterest Followers: 278 Followers JustArpi Email Subscribers:


Etsy Shop: $20

Key Business Learnings for the Month

    1. Marketing is one word that is ringing in my head from the past couple of days. If you noticed my website visits and views have decreased this month from last month. This is because I have completely ignored marketing my website. This week I got a hostile account and started taking social media marketing very seriously. I am still researching on how my favourite bloggers and business owners are doing social media.
    2. Guest Posting has always been on my mind from at least 2 months. I pitched into a lot of bloggers and one person responded and I finished writing the post on “How to optimise and promote your blog” Will keep you guys updated on when it will be out and all that.

August Goals and Achievements

  1. Start working on the Subscription Box for my website. I’ve had a ton of my friends ask me to help them out with their website graphics. Hence, this concept popped up in my head. This will be a monthly subscription-based collection filled with resources for bloggers and creative business owners, from business cards, a premium logo, worksheets/checklists, office prints, office Art, resume templates, website/blog marketing graphics kit, inspirational wallpapers, media kits, blog headers and a lot more! I will add new items every week and you as subscribers have unlimited access to the entire library of designs and graphics for just a small amount every month.
  2. Blog Like a Boss E-Book released. YAAYYYY!!! I wanted to do from a very long time.
  3. Guest posting is slowly taking off
  4. I sent our my First Newsletter this month
  5. Fix it week was a super success!!!
  6. Started the #JustaLady Series. I began my series with Sarah Morgan, she is such a motivation to many business women.

My Goals in September

  1. Finish the subscription box and get that going.
  2. Guest blog more!!! (I know this sound cheesy) Let me know in the comments if you want me to guest blog for you.
  3. Do a giveaway and do a kickass blog/website review to a blogger.

How many hours I worked in a week

Week 1: 13 hours Week 2: 24 Hours Week 3: 8 Hours Week 4: 12 Hours

How was your month?? Was it productive? or was it blah? What keeps you motivated? where do you go for inspiration? Let me know in the comments below!