9 sure ways to revive old blogs posts and get more traffic


It has been two years since I’ve started my online business and after writing several posts, I realize that not many of my recent audience have read my first few posts. I know all of us business owners promote our daily posts and sometimes tend to forget about the old blog posts that have been sitting in our archives.Today, I bring to you nine ways to revive your old blog posts so that the content that you wrote 2 years ago can actually help you get more traffic to your website and help you gain more exposure!


I highly recommend you to go to all your old blog posts and insert some keywords in the title and description of your blog post. If you have a WordPress website, add this SEO plugin called “Yoast SEO” and you can add keywords and meta description to it on every blog post. First, begin by finding some keywords on google keyword planner for that particular blog post and then add them to your content.

Add Popular posts section to your sidebar

I suggest that you have different blog posts as your popular posts so that your readers are exposed to new and fresh content every time they visit your site. You can experiment with this section with google analytics and see how many are clicking and what type of topic is getting more number of clicks and you will know how to plan your future blog posts and can plan accordingly.

Pinterest friendly images

Pinterest loves it's long, vertical images and studies show that they have better results than a short/square pin. Just go through all your old blog posts and add long images to your post and pin it on to Pinterest. While you are on the job of adding long blog post graphics, make sure you are sticking to your brand colors and have a consistent overall personality to the design aspect of your website. 

Schedule old posts on social media once in while

This has been the most unused way to put out your old blog posts in front of your audience. Your audience follows and likes you for a reason and make sure you put that old blog post out there for your new recent and followers to take a peak and read it.

Revive old posts

I am not a huge twitter fan, but I make sure my presence is felt there. I installed this plugin called “Revive old posts” and this automatically posts all my old blog post on twitter and all you have to do is set it up at first and just leave it to do its job! Isn't that awesome?

Create a second post that is an extension of the first and link back

I love this! If you think the topic is long and you have a lot to talk about it. Just create a part 1 and part 2 to that post. This way you can have link backs (a huge SEO bonus) and also make people stay on your website for a long time since it reduces your bounce rate! Win-win ;)

Round it up

If you are that person who writes about 2-3 topics max., I suggest you create round up posts. These are posts that contain a bunch of your posts related to a particular topic. For example, If you are a Social Media Blogger, you can write round-up posts on all the Instagram posts. This is definitely on my to-do list once I get to a certain number of blog posts on a particular topic.

Deep linking

Whenever you write your new blog posts make sure you at least link to one or two of your old blog posts. This helps greatly in SEO. When google crawls into your website and finds this new blog post, it will come across the link that you put and it again crawls back to the old blog post that you’ve linked it to. Whenever you talk about a designer or yourself you can link it to your about page. If you are talking about design services or design, link it to your work with me page or your portfolio. The more you think about it the more ideas you get.

Guest blog? Link to old posts!

Make sure you use your blog post links on websites that you guest post for. If you are writing for Huffington Post and link your old blog post in that article, Google would rate you high on its search engine ranking since it understands that you have high-quality content for Huffington Post as a website to link back to your site. You get it right?

So from now on, make sure that you link your guest post to your website, this also gives you new readers and generate more traffic to your site.

But before you jump in with this, make sure you familiarize yourself with all your old blog posts and while you do that, delete the posts that do not get in line with your brand identity and your personality. Then, SEO optimize the posts that scream your services and your products.

Hope you found this blog post helpful. Please comment below and let me know if you have any other ways you do to bring your old blog posts to life.