9 mistakes hindering small businesses to grow

As a business owner, you want to do well in business right? You want it to grow and perform well.

In order to do so, marketing plays an integral part in the process.

This is why you should always look for a way to make your brand stand out in your niche.

You’ve read plenty of blog posts and articles regarding marketing which might have compelled you to create a marketing plan.

You are on the right path, having a solid marketing plan is the first step.

9 mistakes that are hindering your small business to grow.png

Today, I want to talk about the common mistakes many small business owners make that is sabotaging their business in a major way when it comes to marketing.

I will be talking about three types of marketing that are super important for small business owners.

Content marketing

1 | Writing to everyone.

I have done this mistake when I started my business back in 2012.

I never had a target audience in mind. I just wrote to everyone out there.

Having a target audience in mind when you write a blog post, social media post or email is vital because you will be relatable to them and sound human.

You need to make a personal connection

ACTIONABLE TIP: Make a list of things your ideal client/customer would be like. What are his/her likes? Dislikes? Interests? Hobbies? And target your content towards that one person. This not only makes it easy for you to write content by also helpful to the person you are speaking to.

2 | Not having a call to action

Not having a call to action is like taking your customer/client till your door and abandoning them.

My recent coaching client builds her email list from 63 to 1400ish people in just 6 weeks.

Guess what she did?

Just put a call to action after every blog post and asked them to sign up in exchange for something they needed.

This is called a lead magnet.

You attract your lead and ask them to join your list.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Go to your popular blog posts and add in a call to action to lead them into taking an action. You will eventually start growing an email list that will help when you are ready to start making sales.

3 | having quantity over quality

I see a lot of biz owners and bloggers focus so much on the length of the blog post that they completely ignore the quality of the blog post.

You rather have 400 words on your blog post that converts your readers into subscribers than having 1500 words that shoo them away. Not cool right?

If you don’t have anything nice to say on your next Instagram post? Rather than ranting words around, just use emojis.

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ACTIONABLE TIP: Go back to your old blog posts that are not performing that well, read them and delete the unnecessary paragraphs and words.

Social media marketing

1 | being on too many platforms

I see this a lot with many business owners.

They are on every platform and think they should have content on it every day.

I admit.

I use to be that.

Later I realized that Instagram and Pinterest work well for my business and dropped every other platform.

The result: more followers and more website visits.

How you many ask.

Because I focused more on visuals (which is my strength) and make my work speak for me.

I just made one simple plan for both the platforms and just stuck to it till I got results.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Research on what platform is apt for your business and just create a simple marketing plan for it and stick to it and be consistent.

2 | Expecting too much

It is really important that you give yourself time to grow your social presence.

Don't expect that you will get 100 likes, and 500 followers by just posting one post.

It is a slow growing process and it definitely takes time.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Be consistent in posting and more importantly be patient

3| comparing yourself to pros in your niche.

This is all in your mind.

When you see people who are doing good on social media, we want to be them.

I know that feel.

I remember seeing others this person from my niche and tell myself, I want to be her.

Later we got in touch since we were in the same mastermind.

I remember she telling me, I spend so much of my time and energy on scheduling posts and making sure that they have a brand consistency and took her 3 years of consistent posting that lead her to have such a big audience.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Focus on posting regularly and give away a ton of value in your niche.

Email marketing

1 | Being too formal

This is such a turn off to many.

Instead, have a human conversation in your emails.

Educate them about your services and products and tell your life story through your content.

Give them a reason to connect with you and hit reply and tell you what they are going through.

ACTIONABLE TIP: write down your achievements, setbacks and major life events that lead you to where you are now and incorporate them into your emails.

2 | Sending too many emails

When you start building your list I encourage you to first focus on adding value to your list. Do not bombard them with sales emails and promotions.


If you are from the health and fitness industry: send them workout plans, follow up on them and ask them if they did it.

Send them diet plan, etc.

Then once in two months, ask them for a sale.

ACTIONABLE TIP: write 7 emails that are pure value adding emails and put them in a sequence and send it to everyone who subscribes to your list.

3 | Have a clear direction for your subscribers after they read your email

Have a clear call to action after every email.

Do you want them to read a blog post? Download a freebie? Hot reply and tell you something.

Whatever it is.

Have a clear CTA.

Most biz owners send an email to their list and their subscribers be would be like.. so what? Or what is in it for me?

ACTIONABLE TIP: Go back to your emails and set clear cut CTAs.


Now it’s your turn! Tell me what are the marketing mistakes you made a biz owner and what you did overcome it.