7 actionable tips to create content the smart way


As a business owner, you have tons of tasks that you got to do. Managing client work.

Scheduling social media.

Scheduling blog post content.

Packing and shipping your products.

Working on content upgrades.

And much more.

In the online world, you got to make smart decisions to keep you moving forward by constantly creating content and being human at the same time.

At the beginning of my online business career, I have picked up a few tips and made them a part of my online content strategy. Even though content marketing does an amazing job at educating your audience, give your brand awareness and gets your potential buyer close to you, it is smart content that actually converts them into leads and eventually leads them to buy from you.

Even though content marketing does an amazing job at educating your audience, give your brand awareness and gets your potential buyer close to you, it is smart content that actually converts them into leads and eventually leads them to buy from you.

I have compiled a few of content strategies that I use for each of my blog posts here. This will help you create smart content everytime you post something online.

Keep your ideal audience in mind

When you write your blog posts or just any content online, it is important that you have a particular person in mind.

It is really effective when you keep Susie or Sally in mind when you write, think about the potential problems they might be having, what are their pain points, what are they good at?

Keeping all this in mind and writing content makes it so much easier on you as a new business owner. No more wasting time thinking about what to write in your next social media post or blog post!

Your content should be informative and actionable

When you write content for your business, make sure you give out as much value as possible.

Have quality over quantity as your motto.

Sometimes, I write posts that are super lengthy and sometimes I write posts that are short.

What matters is how much value are you adding into the life of the person who is reading that post.

Have clear actionable steps and guide them to have a particular outcome after reading your post.

For example, after reading this particular post, I know that you have learned how to create smart content and what you should be doing from the next post you write.

Your content should be created on a consistent basis

Consistency is key.

I cannot stress this enough.

I have made it my mission to have a blog schedule and to post consistently. This not only helps you build your search engine optimization page ranking but also establishes you as an expert when you are starting off your business.

Batch write social media posts in advance.

Sit for 2-3 hours and schedule them. I use Hootsuite (It is free).

When someone discovers you and your website, they literally scan through the website, see what you writing and talking about.

And if you do not have a consistent flow of content, they will see you as unprofessional and will click away from your website.

Easily sharable and accessible

Make sure you have social media button on every page of your website.

Encourage your audience to share and make it easy for them to share it on their social media.

Have click to tweet options and have pin it buttons on all your images.

SumoMe has some amazing free features that you can use as a beginner.

All content must be linked to one of your products or services

All of us are there online for just two reasons.

First is to make a positive impact in the world and make a difference in your community/niche

Second reason is to make money along the way.

In order to do so, always link your content to your product or services, be it directly or indirectly.

This will make your audience be aware of your services/products and make them want to see them or read up more on it.

Have a few opt-ins on your website and have an email sequence that will draw them to buying your product or services.

This leads to my next point, Call to actions.

Always have a CTA

This is a no-brainer.

Everyone who posts content online should be having a call to action on every blog post or social media post.

I see many business owners post amazing content on their blogs but fail to direct their readers into taking the next steps.

Have a link in your social media bios that lead them to your freebie or your website or your product.

Lead them into giving their email address in exchange of a freebie that is inline with your product or services.

It must be measurable and have an ROI

I never understood when people say, make sure you measure your results.

Well, that just means, do something on a consistent basis (1-3 months) and see if it is working.

There is no point in do something that never worked in the first place and does not give you any returns in your investment, the invest of your time and money.

Sometimes, facebook ads work for some and Instagram do not. There is no point to do Instagram ads all the time when they do not work.

I always do tests on my strategies, now I know what works for my business and what does not.

I know we all want to market our creativity in a smart way through content marketing. All you have to do is plan well and execute well.  If you found this useful, I encourage you to share this article with other business owners as well.

Your turn: what are you doing to create smarter content?