16 Things to Consider Before building a Website

As a new business owner, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when you plan to build your website. It is important that you do not have too many plugins, this might slow down your website. You got to optimise your images and content so that they are SEO friendly and most importantly, you’ve got to make sure that you are consistent with your design and personality of your brand.

I put together this blog post so that you have everything in one place and know what you need to think of in order to have a successful new business.

The purpose of your website

Think about what kind of website you want to have before you buy your domain or hosting. Do you want to sell products? Sell your services? Or do you want to sell digital products? Do you just want to blog for fun? Whatever it is, be very clear with the “Why”.

Name of your website and domain name

When you choose a name for your website, make sure it is small and simple. This makes your customer remember you and you are on their mind. By saying that, ake sure that you have the domain name that is the same as your business name. I trust GoDaddy for my services and I recommend them to you since they have an amazing customer experience.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the place where you store you hosting. It’s like renting out some place on the internet world. Make sure you sign up to a hosting service that is reliable and is able to help you set up your website. I recently made a transition to BlueHost and I am loving it. They helped me make the shift and it was seamless.


It is absolutely important that you have a clean layout for your website. You want people to stay on it and not click away because it is complicated and they cannot find what they are looking for. Always have a search button at the top of your site. I suggest that you test out different tactics and strategies in the first few months after setting up your website so that you know if something is working or not.


Whoever said content is king, was so right. This is where it all begins. Your website should have informative content that adds value to whoever reads it. Don’t sound robotic, just use simple everyday words and add in your personality in it.


It is also important that you know who your audience is. This makes it easy for you to write content and know when to touch their pain points and how to touch them as well.

Pop-up messages

Please do not use pop-up messages on your website. One of the most annoying thing when a new visitor comes to your website, they have not even seen your home page and a pop-up appears within 2 seconds. If you really want to have a pop-up, have it after 10-20 seconds later.


A good looking website goes a long way. It is important that you have an attractive website that looks professional and legit. Make sure that you are clear on your homepage on what you do and how you can add value to your potential customer’s lives.

Background of our website

This is the most ignored part of your website, it is safe to have a neat and clean background, this is because it is important that your blog posts and content get the attention instead of your website background.

Images and photography

The images and pictures you use for your website are important as it will make a lasting impression. Choose images carefully and stick to your color palette and brand aesthetics. Download free stock photos from my collection and use them for your website!

Easy navigation

Make sure your website menu has everything that a reader is looking for. If you are a graphic designer, you’ve got to have a link to your portfolio in your menu bar and have a contact me page on it as well.

Search Engine Optimisation

It goes without saying but optimising your website gives it more visibility which means more traffic and more leads. There are several plugins on WordPress for SEO. choose one wisely and use it religiously.


It is important that your website is mobile compatible. More than 50% of your views view our website through social media or newsletter on their mobiles. It would be a bummer if your website has complications opening on mobile devices if it is not responsive.

Social media and share icons

Have social media icons on every page of your website. You can also place it in the header or footer for consistency purposes. Also, have share buttons at the beginning and at the end of every post. Also, encourage your readers to share your blog posts by using the buttons in the post. Website security: This is one of the most important thing many new business owners struggle with. I recommend that you study about website security or talk to a professional about it. There are a lot of bad people in the online world whose job is just to hack your website. Make sure you have a strong username and an even stronger password.

Tracking and analysis

Tracking and Analysis are something that you do after a month of building your website.It is important to see what is working and what is not and tweak your design and layout accordingly.

I know how overwhelming it is to start a new business and grow it and reach your goals. I suggest that you download this stress-free checklist and make your mark in this universe. If you need someone to talk to, I am always here. Tweet me or just write me an email, I promise I will get back to you.

Your TURN: What is that one thing that you are struggling with website design as a new business owner?