15 Marketing Ideas for New Business Owners


You might already have a business running and you might have built our brand, developed a website, set up your social media accounts and are waiting to book clients and sell your products. In an ideal world, people will be flooding at your online doorstep and are willing to pay what you ask for and everything is good. But in reality, it is nowhere close to it. As a business owner, you’ve got to wear a lot of hats and one of them and I must say, the most important one is the marketing hat. Marketing to me was very scary until I mastered the skill and I've got a few tricks (tactics and strategies) up my sleeve. I just want to share a few of them with you here to get you started on marketing and get you more clients or have more product sale.


Narrow down on a niche We find a lot of businesses that are small and sell a lot of things. But there are those other small successful businesses that only do one thing and do it really well. One of the main reason they have mastered the art of marketing and do it with ease is because they have found their niche. If you are a small business owner or someone starting your own business, this is the right time for you to build your niche - whether it is through your services or products you make or the market you target.

Buyer persona You probably must have heard of buyer personas, and might also know that they are an integral part of your marketing effort for your blog and business. But what exactly are buyer personas? And how do you create them? Well, Personas are a solid marketing tool and are a key to higher readership engagement. They help you understand your target audience! Personas can speed up your marketing strategy and make it easy for you to write content and connect with your audience effectively.

Cold email a few potential clients Cold email is one of the best ways to directly reach out to your target clients who may be interested in your services. It is “cold” cause your addressee has no clue about you until you get in touch with them. That means, they have not subscribed to your email list or don't have any previous encounter with you - You are a total stranger to them.

The hard part of cold emailing is to make it seem legit and not as some spam email. To master that, you will have to know how to compose emails, write a compelling subject line, and send them out at the right time.


Guest post on influential blogs I think guest posting is one of the most impactful strategies for growing your blog and business. Let me explain how...It gets you out in front of a new audience who have never heard of you and lets you build a relationship with new people, you will get new subscribers to our blog and it improves your search engine rank since the host blogger will link it back to your website.

Cross promote on your biz bestie’s website or social media I love collaborations! It allows me to work with another creative who is like-minded as I am. Collaborations are also a great way to get in front of other audiences. You can collaborate with your business bestie and host a giveaway or do a challenge together. The ideas are limitless. Go grab your business bestie today, and, start something together!

Make sure you are seen As a new business owner, it is really important for you to get in front of your target audience and potential clients. Make sure you spend some time every day on other blogs and comment on them and get to know their audience. Go on Instagram for some time and search for hashtags that your target audience uses and like and comment on their pictures. You can also go on facebook groups and answer a few questions related to your niche.

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Focus on 1-2 social media platforms and develop a solid strategy for them Choosing which social media platform for your business shouldn't be a complicated process. Start with just 1-2 before you launch and master them thoroughly and after that think of other social media platforms to jump on. Importance of a business page on social media platforms Social media business page is an important channel for small businesses who want to promote their brand online. Social media platforms are free to use and they also have paid advertising options for brands who want to reach to a wide and new range of audience. Having a business page already sets up apart from any other business owner who just has a website and does not have a strong social media presence.

Create Pinterest graphics related to your services and products and email opt-ins, then link to relevant pages on your website (if you are not limited to pinning your blog posts!)

Pinterest has become a huge part of many small business owners. Create pinnable images and infographics of your blog posts, products, service, and opt-ins and then link to relevant posts and pages on your website. This will generate limitless amounts of traffic to your website.

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Write blog posts of lists or how-tos specific to your niche Writing blog posts on a consistent basis is a huge bonus for your business. It pumps up your search engine ranks and also establishes you as an expert in your niche. Studies show that posts that contain lists and talk about “How-tos” get most clicks. I can personally vouch for this, it is true that lists get the most amount of clicks. Offer content upgrades and resources As a new business owner, it is important that you start collecting emails from everyone who comes on your website. Doesn't matter if you sending them weekly emails or not. Once you have a ready to create a product, you can start emailing your subscribers and educating them and keeping them hot and then sell it to them.

Send out weekly emails I got most of my clients from my email list. When you send valuable and educative content to your subscribers, they see you as an expert and reach out to you! I suggest you at least send an email a fortnight if not once a month. Make sure they have you on their mind.


Host a challenge Hosting a challenge is a fun way to market your business and get yourself in front of many people at once. Do a collaborative challenge with someone in your niche or do it yourself. Either way, you will get enough traction for your business.

Create bundled products and services Creating bundled products and services gave my business a boost! When I implemented this, I had a high sales rate and made it very easy for my clients to get all their needs served near me. Since my niche is new business owners who are women, I figured they need some mentoring and direction in their business. So I introduced mentoring services and packaged it into my branding and website services. When I began my consulting service, a majority of my clients asked me to audit their business and seek direction. So I decided to club my consulting services into business audit and mentoring sessions and it is working out well for me.

Hold a flash sale or pay-what-you-can for your product and services. One is the quickest way to earn fast money is to hold a flash sale. Once I had a flash sale just for my subscribers and it blew right off the roof. I just emailed them and told them I was having a flash offer on my business auditing package and it was a one-hour phone call which told them what they are doing wrong and how to improve it. I had 67 people respond to it and it was mind blowing for me to know that I earned 3000 USD in one day.

I also made a checklist for you to help you with your marketing efforts. Go grab it NOW

How are you marketing your business today? Are you stuck at a point in your business and wanting someone to tell you what is going wrong in your business and how you can improve it? Reach out to me and I will help you find the right strategies for your business and kick start your business journey!