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Freelance graphic and website designer for small business owners
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Well grab my hand. Let me help you come out of hiding. Tell me if this sounds familiar...


You open Canva. You spend 3 hours tinkering with templates and fonts. Two hours later, your design still sucks. Head, meet keyboard.


Or maybe you’re moving forward in your business. But your logo and website don’t match YOU - your skills, your professionalism, your vibe!


You waste time tweaking your website because you know that it’s most important impression you’ll make. If you could only figure out how to make your website un-suck, potential clients wouldn’t “x” outta there so quickly.


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I’m Arpi, and I’m a graphic and website designer who is passionate about helping female biz owners.

I’m on a mad mission to help women get more traffic, more clients, and more sales through a beautiful logo and a strategic website. In a perfect world, every female entrepreneur would have on-point, strategic visual branding so they could to live their dream in the online world.

I’ve been designing graphics and websites since 2012. Since then, I’ve worked with dozens of clients from around the world, including ginormous brands like Renault and Google.

After working on so many projects, I noticed a pattern with small business owners: they don’t need more skills or expertise. They need razor-sharp branding that speaks their clients’ language - and converts them into eager buyers. And I’m determined to create beautiful branding, one ladyboss business at a time.

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I am Arpi, a Graphic + Website Designer. I will help you build a meaningful brand and strategic website that engages with your audience, sets your brand apart and ultimately lands you more business. In this process, I equip you with the best business strategies out there which include, social media marketing and content marketing.

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Make me your design partner and together we can conquer the world! Who said you have to do it all by yourself?

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