Mentoring Membership

I'll be helping new and aspiring business owners like you to have a successful online business and literally -- mentor you through the whole process of setting up your business, marketing it, and getting you out there in the real online world.

Tell me how much would you pay for this!

PS: Help me decide the pricing for this membership. I want this to be accessible to all aspiring biz owners and bloggers. Hence, want you to decide the price.

This new MENTORING MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM will help you do

  • Dive down to the basics and determining your target market, style and purpose of your business.

  • Come up with a strategy and direction to build a strong foundation for your brand.

  • Have a strategic marketing plan that is tailored around your buyer personas

  • Discover the factors that make your business unique and work on make it stand out.

  • Build a professional and creative brand that will get you more traffic, subscribers and sales.

  • Build a brand that is consistent and impactful and makes your business stand out.

  • Build a website strategy that meets your business goals.

  • Develop a comprehensive site plan and strategic messaging.

  • Develop a well-designed and user-friendly website that drives people to your call to action.


Arpitha was just the designer I needed to turn my idea into the website I was dreaming of and she helped me implement design elements into my brand identity and website! She was timely dedicated and extremely hardworking. I’d hire her again in a heart beat.


The last 6 months have dramatically changed how I run my business. Before I took this program I was about to shut down my business and I am so blessed to have found a lovely mentor in you Arpi! Thanks for never giving up on me and for always thinking big for me. Really couldn’t have done it without you!

Cori Lark Event Planner

Arpi is so much fun to work with. I was impressed with her rapid fire ideas that came instantly as we were discussing about my brand direction and she knew how to help me execute them clearly and had actionable steps right the next week and hit the ground running. Love the energy and aura she has around her. She is encouraging and genuine and now I know I have a partner in crime for the rest of my life.

Tiffany Website designer and strategist

I’ve stretched myself out of my comfort zone like never before, and I’m more secure and so much more clear about where I want to go and what I want to do than ever before with both my blog and my whole online presence, and that’s all thanks to Arpi

Soyoung Du Interior designer and blogger

What this MENTORING MEMBERSHIP includes is:

  • Weekly group calls

  • Guest Lectures from experts in the industry based on your questions and the areas you're struggling with

  • Accountability partners (this is a MUST to make sure we're taking action!)

  • An amazing community of supporter who are just like you!

How much would you pay for this membership?

PS: Help me decide the pricing for this membership program. I want this to be accessible to new biz owners and bloggers. Hence, want you to decide the price!